About Us

Les Dunham created Dunham Coach in 1957 as a result of increasing demand for his custom vehicle fabrication skills. Showcasing his design skills with vehicles displayed at major car show venues, the customer base grew quickly among car enthusiasts.

Beyond his one-off Kustoms, Dunham Coach specialized in grand design. Known as the "Father of the Pimpmobile", reworking Cadillacs of the 60's and 70's became a specialty culminating in the James Bond 007 car in the movie
"Live & Let Die". From there the Corvorado was born and later upgraded to the Caballista and then Caballista Hawk.

As a result of nostalgic demand for the cars of yesterday, Dunham Coach has dusted off the old dies and manufacturing tools and upgraded the design for today's discerning driver. Additionally, Dunham has created new accessories for your vehicle and will also provide custom designs as required.

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